【Speedpaint】 Clumsy Ari – Cel Shading (Hyan Timelapse #158)

Celshading fullbody commission for RyverWren@deviantART

HNNNG what to say about that pretty design ♥ ♥
She is adorable, and I was with a lot of energy to draw something moe moe =D
Idk why, but there’s moments I feel really motivated to draw a certain kind of drawing, and happens to have a commission that match it, that makes me so happy heheh x)

Oh don’t forget to check SP-Nova (http://sp-nova.deviantart.com)
He draw very pretty girls :3c

Timelapse: ~12x speed
Original time: 8h 55min
Finished drawing: http://fav.me/dbbbh57
Character belongs to RyverWren@deviantART
Design made by Raineseryn@deviantART

★*・.。✧ *:・゚✧ Hyanna Natsu (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

ZeviantART: http://hyanna-natsu.deviantart.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HyannaNatsu
Picarto: https://picarto.tv/Hyan
Tumblr: http://hya-chan.tumblr.com/
RedBubble: http://www.redbubble.com/people/hyanna
FAQ: http://fav.me/d5wh97s

*・.。✧ *:・゚✧★*・.。✧ *:・゚✧・.。 *:・゚✧★*・.。✧

Drawing program: Paint Tool SAI
Tablet Wacom Bamboo Connect Pen (small)
Recording: Open Broadcaster Software
Video editing and post-processing: AviSynth scripts
Encoding: MeGUI

Songs used, from “Puchi Rhythm Kyun!” by Poyahchio:
00:00 – 彼女は300dpi
03:20 – ハートきゅうんっと☆TELEPATHYYYYY!!
07:07 – みらいルート
11:00 – テイク・イット・イージー
15:15 – DA・I・TA・N☆Summer Sweet
20:01 – 悪魔ちゃんと非モテ男くん




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