[Speed painting] 주스에 빠진 소녀 그림그리기♥ [ジュースに落ちた少女を描くこと/Painting a girl who is addicted to juice]

이 그림은 “로아”님께 선물로 드렸습니당 🙂
채색 – 사이툴
선 – 클립스튜디오
즐겁게 시청하셨다면 좋아요와 구독하기를 눌러주세요!
This vidio is remade in Rochelli’s own way so it could be different from the original work.
트위치TV: https://www.twitch.tv/rochelli113
매일 밤 9시트위치 생방송!로첼리 검색:)

Twich TV: https://www.twitch.tv/rochelli113

[Speed painting]주스에 빠진 소녀 그림그리기♥ [ジュースに落ちた少女を描くこと/Painting a girl who is addicted to juice]

#10 Spectrem-Shine http://bit.ly/spektremshinencs

#9 Ahrix-Nova http://bit.ly/ahrix_nova_ncs

#8 Alan Walker-Fade http://bit.ly/ALANWALKERfade

#7 Alan Walker-Spektre http://bit.ly/alanwalkerspectrencs

#6 Disfigure-Blank http://bit.ly/ncsdisfigureblank

#5 Distrion & Electro-Light-Rubik

#4 Jim Yosef-Lights http://bit.ly/jim-yosef-lights

#3 Main Reaktor-Awakening http://bit.ly/main-reaktor-awakening

#2 Itro & Tobu-Cloud 9 http://bit.ly/tobu_itro_cloud9

#1 Tobu-Candyland http://bit.ly/tobu-candyland


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